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Sensationally seasoned, gracious greetings, for each and every, all and aplenty!
lombs, lomby, or lombnut, here as yours truly; a humbled host.

Ahh, yes - it seems, as if Fate herself, fancifully so in coincidence to be coincided with, dealt me a fitting hand, fit of the frosty frozen season, as I am now, most in proper place, of this occasion's holiday holly jolly cheers and celebrations. Truly, could not such a return of me myself, be most apt for the ongoing festivities likewise?

Yes, so was read right and certainly correct; I am back, and I am here to stay and stick around; forever more, most faithfully, till the end of days.

A abhorrent, abysmal absence; The sins of the past, shall bear no recurred repeat, and what wounds were viciously inflicted for and from such, I shall make me mend and tend, in best I can. Next I would leave like this again, shall be never ever, and it was a mistake most miserable, that I'd only allow one of in my life's time, for once was enough.

It has... been a long, hard, harsh, and lonely, lonesome journey – but so is no more, and it is only, further forward from here; Yes, here, where it all began – and where it all ends; my final destination. I fought in what felt forever, to get here, in strained struggles – though a fight worth fighting, and a cause worth championing.

This has however, in recent, not been my only place of activity, as I have dealt with many and much, thorough tasks, that needed my else attention. From the paths taken, and roads walked, I have traveled the realms of my meager, measly two emails in accounts (Hotmail/Outlook); I have beheld its content and writing, wherein afterwards I rekindled what kinships were lead once onto the site of furries and non-furs alike (FurAffinity). And after much so, I started to tinker, tick and tock, with deviantART a slight; I re-learned its tools and mechanics, its intricacies and intrigue, as I tested my might and skills, with the RatchetxClank-Club account, until hereby I stand, finally venturing further, at the blessed behemoth awaiting me. And, as I stand in the shadow of the colossi, I feel... at ease, and hold no fear in its cooling shade; knowing I'm back, where I belong~

As imagined, if you will, I worked heavily to get here, to this very point, and I have... in, I dunno how many months in passing now, have spent each and every, all and aplenty, of these daylight days, various weeks, and much months; all in attendance, to my attempts to reclaim those scattered, shattered shards, parts and pieces, that makes up a whole (me).

For the longest, I lacked what made me a whole, what made me function fully, and feel utmost – I lack you.
The fans and friends, the community and companions, and the tenacious talents, etcetera ergo etcetera.

However, all is still not perfect, and even so, until this moment, I have been thinking, of what I have been held witness to, in these few days in working to and fro, and how I at times, feel so... defeated? Utmost, drained. As if, a part of me, would have been relieved, had I just run off instead, and left so behind (deviantART, FurAffinity), etcetera. To never gone back, to a long-since previous past.

It (d.A.) has been a cause of heartache in recent, as I have taken notice to the facts, that few friends, some more then so, have left the site likewise behind, in my absence. There was always a part of me, that wished for things, to have been as before – to stayed as before, but due to the lengths I've been gone, I missed out on a lot, and folks 'n' friends, once held dear, are no more. Not dead, nor deceased, or so, but simply, gone – they left that part of themselves behind, and... I missed it – missed out on their leave.

I wasn't there to say goodbye – to see them off, nor now knowing why and where they went. I am left alone, with only their memories, to keep the company of the past...

as much as I would, at times, have wished to run, run, and run; never turning back...

I could truly never leave you [all],

nor shall I so no more, for else I'd bear the pain, the pangs of solemn sores, knowing of what I left behind. I have been burdened for far too long, in my abyssed absence, elongated leave, of just so, and those are shackled weights, wearily wearing me worn, that I shall not carry any more, as I will hereby my own words, not leave, but to return, and set things right.

For what I have made come undone, I shall tend to treatment, and for what ails and ills I have inflicted, I too shall heal so. What has been so wrong, shall become so right, and I too, will heal, alongside you all – all, who are all wonderful wonders, by so many numerous names.

Thanks - for still caring for me, and concerning yourselves, even in my tiring times away.


I know, not a lot of you, may have wished to hear such troubled thoughts unto my return of presence, these news from nowhere, but I feel in comfort, as if familiar family, that I could not, in a right sense of self, not be what I am, and to not speak what words needed spoken.

I want you, to have me, just as much as I, want all of you - and to be honest, humble and open, is a great start, in mending sour relations, on rocky, rumbling crumbling grounds. I have not, made good on my evils yet, but in due time, I soon hope I shall just so.

Speaking of making good on things as presented before me, I might as well say, in admittance, that what notations and notifications, my neigh-infinite inbox may have once held, are no more – I theorize, that the numbers in digits (in held content, per inbox), simply reached their laid limit (content) in my absence, and as for so, they turned over to zero, to start anew, and fill itself fuller once more – makes sense, does it not?

I... am conflicted, about this unfortunate occurrence. I am, in part glad, since I now then, do not have to burden myself with the feedback of the foggy past – but, all the same, a part of me, looked longingly, lovingly forward, to getting' up to speed with things, catchin' up, and going through all that needs goin' through. So can not be, anymore, sadly though.

This is where, I must ask for all of yours assistance, in letting me know, of things needed to be and let known of, and to give me what knowledge I lack. Hence henceforth, I beg of thee, all of you, that if there has been, in any way, shape, or form, during my absence, something you have wished to show or share with me, let me know of so, pretty please?

It can be glamorous, glorious gifts, or deviations of delicious delectability. Joyous (and less so) journals, or else writings, such as a myriad of feedback, alike the likes of certain comments, readable replies, or noticeable notes. Please, I beg of thee; work with me, and I shall work with you, in this showcase of mutual appreciation.

With all so said, bear with me kindly, dears, as I will work on this final chapter, into my efforts aplenty, and to finally complete what has been left untouched and uncompleted (i.e. my lombnut account), in this saga of a journey long in the making, to reclaim a past most precious.

As for the sordid story, of my times in abandonment and absence, and the causes to so and such...

In due time, my children – in due so, I will tell the tale, to absurd, needless lengths, in something separate to this, for sure, I dare assume, folks are in the wanting know, for and of just so?

That is not now...
And as for now...

*cracks knuckles* Here; there's work to be done.

See ya'll around~

/ lombs~


Hi, I'm your friendly, non-stereotypical, ga[y]mer guy. (*:
I l o v e Dag'rek, Ratchet the lombax, and Kenny McCormick. :heart:

Current Residence: Sweden, Gothenburg
Favourite genre of music: J-pop/ J-rock is only one of many
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Scrooge McDuck, of Disney fame
Personal Quote: To hell with looks, it's whats inside that counts ~ Zidane Tribal, FFIX

Heart of Gaming / Words of Wisdom

“Play what you wanna play, on the system you wanna play on,
and let others do the same in peace.”

- Bennett The Sage


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LombaxKat Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! ^^
lombnut Featured By Owner 5 days ago
You're sincerely welcome~ :)

And might I add;
that I do love the bubble and fizz to your glass of soda - it's a very nicely, animated touch~ :aww:
LombaxKat Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
ooh thank you! Although I wasn't the one that made it sugarwrek  did! ^^
lombnut Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Still, my compliments stands in claim, and I do think, it's quite great (icon)~ ;)
Silmarama Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you for adding me to your watch <3 Also, awesome that you're quoting Zidane! Have a good one~ 
lombnut Featured By Owner 6 days ago
*nods most humbly*

You're certainly most-welcome, for so! - And thanks too, for the quotation's compliment~!

... I do regret to however inform you, that so is only a temporary stay ("Favorite Quote" / for now). ... I've been grievously gone, from this pleasant place of a pleasing palace, for a-many three-some-years now, and upon coming back online, there's a lot I wish to do intended improvements on, structurally-speaking; my front-page included. And as for so, I have simply not come around, to change and exchange so yet, with something of greater importance to me, in chosen Quote...
I do however appreciate the said-and-spoken-remark of itself, all-the-same!


I've been recently working my way, through my old folders of favorites onto here, and upon my certain journeys, I stumbled onto your stirring, striking works in there. ... It must have been, I dunno how-many-years-nowadays, but I always remembered the and *that* illustration that you did for that of the video-game Fatal Frame 4, so clearly, in my mind, and so even in my [abysmaled] absence - Lotus Prince's Let's Play too, in conjunction and connection with so and such image/ry, was of course, simply spectacular, and a spine-tingling splendidness~

... Upon seeing it (its eerily artful artistry) again, I felt it not only was a Deviation worthy a revisit, but also a Deviant of so~

... ( I DO apologize in advance; for seemingly being so rambly-woobly and really-weird. ... I just tend to be oddly peculiar with my wordy-words. =u=; )
Silmarama Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Awww, no worries <3 I'm nowhere near as eloquent with my words as you are, but your praise is highly appreciated. Thank you <3 I've been a fan of Lotus Prince for long, and his playthroughs were truly something to behold. To not contribute with art felt like a waste for such a good game series and LPer. ^_^
lombnut Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Indeed! :)

I especially enjoy and like,love the ones, which are of games that I'd never have a chance to play anyways (due to my chosen medium of console/s, and exclusion of PC-gaming), but that I have always held a curiosity for and of; things like his coverage of Indie horror-titles, or the likes of his McGee's Alice LPs, and of course, that of Clive Barker's Undying. ... System Shock 2, is also a classic, as is his Deus Ex run-through...

I wished he'd do System Shock (1) tho', because I really quite like it. <u<
Ricku Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you SO much for pressing the stalk button to follow my overly silly artwork! I'm mostly pleased and I hope you will have a splendid day, every day! :love: :heart:
lombnut Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015
Oh, but I'm no stranger to you, Marika, nor were so (deviantWATCH) of fate coincidence~

... We've talked before, to and fro, in detail and lengths, over at the RatchetxClank-Club, where I am its owner and sole-user/manager.

Perhaps things ring a bell, and I seem more familiar now? ;)
(This is my main (non-club) account, you see!)
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